Construction Services



HALFLANTS + PICHETTE holds state licenses for both architecture and construction. On select projects, we perform both design and construction services. As architects and builders, we bring to the construction site our design background and a holistic approach to solving construction related issues. While most design-build firms are led by contractors, Halflants + Pichette is centered on design. All of our design-build projects are overseen by architects allowing us to maintain management continuity and design oversight throughout the project phases.  

At every phase of design and construction, we seek feedback directly from our on-site staff and subcontractors and can make informed aesthetic and cost-conscious decisions on the project. Though we continue to design projects to be built by other contractors, we can provide an added value with our turn-key architectural and construction services. Over the past few years, we have completed design-build residential projects throughout the Gulf Coast including six American Institute of Architects award-winning residences from Venice to St Petersburg.









The house is located on the shores of Tampa Bay. On the bay side, the roof extends 30 feet beyond the conditioned enclosure. The roof is held on one side by a pair of exposed concrete columns aligned with the existing dock. The large overhanging plane folds down to become a wing wall, shielding a power plant from view. The concrete columns, the roof, and the wing wall all taper towards the desired view.








The residence sits on the banks of Phillippi Creek in on a triangular shaped lot. The expansive design takes full advantage of Florida's agreeable climate. The living room wing, bedroom wing, and detached garage together form a private courtyard around the pool shielding the owners from both the street and the public waterway. The living room wing runs along the creek and opens to the long views over the small body of water.


















The small 50 foot wide site is one house removed from the Gulf of Mexico. A larger residence directly to the West obstructs the view to the Gulf. With careful edits, the design takes advantage of the two corridors through the setbacks of neighboring lots.







With generous overhangs, shaded terraces, operable systems, and solar cells, the house embraces Sarasota's subtropical latitude as it opens to the rear courtyard. The tall, thin and narrow main house is oriented east to west. One the entire length of the house, the roof overhangs 16 feet, shading the yard and creating a cooler microclimate around the pool. The space under the overhanging roof serves as a verandah mediating the climate.   The overhang is created by light steel trusses from which a balcony is suspended.  








While the site has generous views of Sarasota Bay and of Otter Key, the existing house is separated from the water's edge by a plinth and a screened-in pool. The renovation and addition opens the existing house and connects to Sarasota Bay with a new set of 12' wide stairs carved out from the existing plinth. The addition adds a mezzanine level, an interior stair, and a dining wing as well as a generous shaded porch on the bay side. A glass bridge extends through the width of the house pulling the inhabitant toward the porch and the bay.