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Renovation and Interior Design

The condominium is on the 15th floor of Siesta Key’s Terrace Building, originally designed in 1969 by Frank Folsom Smith. Two corner units were combined into a single condo. The ceiling finish was stripped to expose the concrete form-work. All interior partitions were removed. The bathrooms, storage, and kitchen are organized in a wood-clad central core. Speakers, vents, and air returns are all accommodated through discrete cuts and perforations in the wood veneer. The windows were replaced by large bi-fold glass doors that open out from the corners. The master bedroom faces the city while the living space enjoys the views over the Gulf and the beach. Ten foot wide steel and wood interior folding partitions allow the owner to transform the space. The partitions fold back into the wood core to reconnect the private suite with the rest of the unit to form one continuous space. The master bath borrows light from an adjoining space through a window with a switchable electric film. Halflants + Pichette was retained for the selection of furniture and finishes.

Donnelly Residence

Donnelly Residence