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Florida American Institute of Architects

The Verandah House was honored with the top AIA Florida Sustainable Design award in 2016. It was the sole project in Florida and the Caribbean to receive an honor award in AIA Florida’s annual sustainable design category. With generous overhangs, shaded terraces, operable systems, and solar cells, the house embraces Sarasota’s subtropical latitude as it opens to the rear courtyard. On the entire length of the house, the roof overhangs 16 feet, shading the yard and creating a cooler micro-climate around the pool. The entry court and the yard are both shaded by photovoltaic panels mounted on glass. The system consists of 62 Lumos Solar LSX 240 watt frameless modules in three separate arrays, providing DC power of almost 15,000 watts. The arrays are connected to string inverters, which convert the DC electricity to AC for use in the home, offsetting between 80% and 90% of all onsite consumption. The frameless modules have the added benefit of being partially transparent with a clear backsheet, providing filtered shade to areas under the solar arrays, and helping reduce temperatures in the outdoor areas of the home.

The Verandah House

The Verandah House