Halflants+Pichette’s design work is both strongly influenced by international modernism and profoundly rooted in the subtropical vernacular of South Florida with its courtyards and covered terraces, producing high quality design work that is responsive to context, function, and programmatic constraints.  

Rene Davids, Professor, University of California, Berkeley


No doubt Halflants + Pichette is one of the very best design firms in the region. This evaluation is based not only upon the representational drawings and models of their work, but also on my personal visit to the Solstice House in Sarasota.  This house presents their exceptional ability to interpret the conditions of the site in such a way that the house mediates between the land and the sea, and the land and the sky, while satisfying the programmatic needs as a residence.

The firm’s recognition transcends the region and is emerging as a leader in the discipline of architecture.  One way by which an architect may grow into a major world-renowned architect is to design a series of works that are rooted in the conditions specific to a region.  The firm responds to the distinctive climatic conditions of Florida.  In this context, I believe Professor Halflants created the Tropical Architecture course to deepen his own understanding of the regional architecture in sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Jin Baek, Professor, Seoul National University


Ours was not a big job in terms of square feet or professional fees. However, John treated us as if we were clients on a multi-million dollar project.  Modifying the predictable approach of an all-white modern space, he suggested that we paint the core of the unit a bold color.  Most significantly, he didn’t push this idea but rather showed us examples of how it might look.  Based on his low-key yet confident approach, we all agreed that gray-black was the way to go.  This has turned out to be the definitive feature in our home.

Once the renovation was underway, John was always accessible, responsive and able to spend time with us as needed.  In short, it was a pleasure to work with John and Halflants + Pichette, and we would be delighted to recommend him to our friends.

Penny Deitch, Client


Michael Halflants and John Pichette draw upon precedents of significant modern icons of the Sarasota School and bring to the work a broader international sensibility.  This can clearly be seen in the award winning Solstice House.  The ingenious use of the roof stair recalls the Casa Malaparte on the coast of Capri while the formal language of the house speaks directly to its Sarasota ancestors.  I take particular pleasure in the reinvention of Malaparte’s stair as it doubles as a screen room for the client’s own films.  The project deftly builds on the Sarasota traditions without mimicking the modern masters that came before, engaging the broader architectural discourse that transcends this region.  I have no doubt that the work that comes out of this partnership will be of the highest quality.  

Craig Borum, Professor, University of Michigan


Michael listened to our ideas and desires. He analyzed the site meticulously.  We now live in the house and every day I am amazed at how well the views are framed. The spaces are laid out perfectly for entertaining as well as for more introspective activities.  I would recommend Halflants + Pichette as architects to anyone interested in a creative approach to modern living.  A house should reflect the tastes and ideals of its occupants and the times in which we live. Ours does these things awesomely.

Janet Schrock, Ph.D. Client


The projects are extremely well conceived both formally and environmentally.  Their contribution to the profession is to be found in the application of well-understood formal ordering system and spatial development that is married to an understanding of (green) design.

David Cronrath, Dean, Louisiana State University


What impresses me the most about Halflants & Pichette’s work in general is that it clearly builds upon the modern tradition without reducing it to a collection of tricks and signs.  The Schrock House seems to pick up where Rudolph left off in 1960.  It also synthesizes the architectural promenade of Le Corbusier, the inhabitable stepped roof of Libera’s Casa Malaparte, and numerous other lessons exhibited in early to mid 20th century modern architecture.  They are demonstrating an ability to interpret, transform, and assimilate that tradition into works that are unique to the particular situations presented to them.   I am confident that the Schrock House is a tremendous promise of more excellent work to come.  

Ron Dulaney, Associate Professor, University of West Virginia


The work produced by the firm exhibits insight and elegance, as well as a keen understanding of regional context and sustainable practices.

Marilys Nepomechie, FAIA, Professor Florida International University  


I have always had a great deal of respect for John as he is the epitome of a hard working, committed professional, extremely talented and articulate with his work, and a great influence on those he comes in contact with through his practice.  

John’s personal commitment to the industry, both as professional and mentor, demonstrates his passion for the process and procurement of good design.  He is extremely active educating himself on evolving design trends, new construction techniques, and materials technology.

Jeffrey Sommers, Principal, Square Root Architecture + Design, Chicago


Michael understood our objectives, listened to our concerns and then came up with plans to accomplish that which we wanted.   There were changes we wanted to make and some were readily accepted and others were rejected.  His reasons for the rejections were always well defined.  

One hears many horror stories about home construction, even more so when it is a renovation.  We had a positive experience, even with a few crises.  Much of this was due to Michael’s understanding of what we wanted, his diligence in managing the job and his patience in dealing with our many questions and requests.  The process of building our addition, which turned out even better than we anticipated, was painless thanks to Michael.  If I ever become involved with another building project, I would want Michael Halflants there representing my interests.  

Leslie Fishman, Client