Sarasota, Florida

Zahrada II consists of 18 residential condos over parking. Small retail spaces line the sidewalk and shield the parking from view. All parking is accessed from the alley. The project will provide 21 parking spaces within the boundaries of the site including an ADA space. Four additional parking spaces can be provided along the street.

Two exterior stairs open to the street give access to the units. The stairs’ landings are visible from the street and add interest and activity to the sidewalk. The eighteen units are arranged around an elevated courtyard, landscaped by the means of planters. Each of the eight units on the second floor benefit from a private yard in the courtyard, each separated by 6-foot-high garden walls. All units except for the two penthouses are under 1,000 sf and are designed as studios, one, or two-bedroom units. Each unit has access to at least one private exterior space large enough to accommodate furniture.

The two-bedroom units along the alley are two stories high and have an open double height space over the living. The penthouse ceiling over the living and dining space is raised to 13’-2”. This higher volume extends across the width of the building and connects two large shaded terraces on either end. The architects made every effort to keep the ground floor as transparent as possible to contribute to the life and security of the street.